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formbook form grabber

FormBook Form Grabber Malware

More and more we’ve been seeing references to a malware family known as FormBook. Per its advertisements it is an infostealer that steals form data from various web browsers and other...

Introduction to TROJANS -List of Trojans and how to stay safe

What is a Trojan? A trojan is a type of malware that, unlike viruses and worms, does not self-replicate. Named after the mythological wooden horse used to sneak Greek warriors through the...

Google Dorks – Google Hacking – Manipulating Google search strings

Introduction to Google Dorking An average internet user might feel that he/she can use the google search very but that's not entirely true we have the advanced Google Search Users and they...

What to do After Being Hacked – Recovery tips

Recovering from a Hack can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to deal with restoring your site to a good working state, you also need to take steps to help...

Preventive Measures to save your Website from being Hacked

Website security is a topic on a lot of users' minds. If you search the web for How to hack a website, you will literally get millions of hits. Taking the necessary...

How to force your website to load with your dedicated SSL using the .htaccess...

Sometimes it's necessary to make sure your website’s visitors use the SSL encrypted connection. Forcing visitors to use SSL can be accomplished through your .htaccess file using mod_rewrite. If you’d like more information...

Important Steps in securing you WordPress site

Many website owners always nag about the security of WordPress, The opinion is that an open source script is vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. But that is mostly not true –...


Like every other Social networking site out there , Facebook has its share of Pros and cons. Talking about Cons, Facebook has seen a rampant growth in Fake accounts. Most of these Fake Facebook accounts are either created to...

how to know if anyone is stealing your Facebook profile image

How do I spot a fake Facebook profile? There are definately a lot of fake Facebook profiles out there. Numbers released from Facebook themself suggests that 83 million facebook accounts are fake –...

Phishing Using DataURI

Phishing with data: URIs A recent spate of phishing attacks has taken to using the data URI scheme for evil. Supported in most browsers, these special URIs allow the content of a phishing page...
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