How to find your computer’s IP address while on modem and wifi

Hello all, this is a basic networking tutorial but still necessary, some internet users might not find the need to know their IP address, while some confuse their IP address with...

How to run Kali Linux on a bootable drive

Our favorite way, and the fastest method, for getting up and running with Kali Linux is to run it “live” from a USB drive. This method has several advantages: It’s non-destructive — it...

Javascript code to initiate a file download and at same time set a redirect

Hello all, i was working for a client when i needed a solution to this issue; i crawled the whole web but nothing satisfactory came up. Later i came with this piece of...
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Some Good Android Codes to Perform Operations Faster

During some research i stumbled upon these. they are really cool something every android user must have (well that if you are an advanced user anyway). To enter these codes just pull...
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