How to set up a wireless LAN

by Ebuka John Onyejegbu

Hello Everyone, i will try to make this as simple as i can…and i hope you follow through!.

Our devices are all connected in one way our another, you are able to read this article because you are connected to a Wide Area Network called the Internet, on the other hand – a LAN(Local Area Network) is more Minuit,

The LANs are more seen at workplaces or hubs, it can range from a small hub of 1 or two workstations to hundreds and thousands of workstations. Now am going to guide you on how to set up a simple LAN. at least with a switch and an access point or two.


  2. ACCESS POINT (I used two Cambium cnPilot Access point)
  3. NETWORK CABLES. (RJ4 Cables)

EXTRA NEEDS(Depending on what you want to achieve):


NOTE: The Access point  is not necessary, i used it in one of my recent setup because the workstations involved needed to connect through wireless.

Here is what i did:

STEP 1: I plugged in the switch to the wall socket and confirmed its blinking.

STEP 2: i plugged in the Cambium cnPilot adapter to light and plugged two network cables to the adapter and the other                        ends – one to the switch and the other to the cnPilot. HERE is a guide from Cambium Networks.

STEP 3: I repeated step 2 above for the other cnPilot

STEP 4: Connect a workstation to the switch via network cable. (use STEP 6 method to assign it an IP Address).

STEP 5: Configure the Access Point by entering the IP Address of the Access point READ HERE a guide to follow for                                 Cambium cnPilot.

STEP 6: Assign IP Addresses to the workstations that are to connect to the LAN (i.e if the Access Point IP is the                 workstations should be assigned IPs in the range —3—4—) READ HERE on how to assign IP                                 Addresses to workstations on LAN.


Thats all i did to set up a simple LAN.  in the next article i will explain how i set up a server with a web application hosted on it, on this same simple LAN and have other devices access and use it.

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