Hello all,

i was working for a client when i needed a solution to this issue; i crawled the whole web but nothing satisfactory came up.

Later i came with this piece of code that works really good and i have tested it in several browsers and its ok.


 // PERFECT                                                       //
 // -------                                                       //
 // Javascript Code That Initiates a Download with Redirect       //
 // File: feedback.php                                            //
 // Version: 1.0 (Nov 10, 2017)                                   //
 // Description: This Piece of code Initates a File Download      //
 // and at the same time redirect                                 //
 // to a specified page.                                          //
 // Instructions: Go to "".                     //
 // License: Public Domain Software                               //
 //                                                               //
 // John's Tech Hub * * John Onyejegbu            //

 setTimeout(function() {
 var redirectWindow ='', '_blank'); //downloa
 window.location.href = '';// Redirect
 }, 1000); //set redirect time


This piece of code also works within php with an echo function.




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