PhishWatcher - AntiPhishing Chrome Plugin

PhishWatcher - AntiPhishing Chrome Plugin

 Cyber Security   August 1, 2020

PhishWatcher - AntiPhishing Chrome Plugin

iconSegasec.png PhishWatcher is an Anti-Phishing chrome plugin that analysis in real time every URL your browser visits and checks for possible phishing threats.

PhishWatcher blocks phishing websites from being loaded on your browser.

When Phishwatcher chrome extension is activated; it displays a warning when phishing and malicious sites tries to load on your browser.

The Phishwatcher has two working principles....

1. It shows a deceptive site warning when phishing pages reported by many anti-phishing campaigns tries to load on your browser.

2. It uses Machine Learning to analyze real time each URL you visit and places it under deceptive or not - it uses many principles to

rate the websites you visit and pop's-up a warning if it fails the integrity test. A score is given for each website you visit which

is viewable in the realtime dashboard of the extension home.

There might be false positives in the real time analysis but it has a high accuracy level.

The extension is actively developed to include more reported phishing pages and also improve the realtime detection accuracy.

UPDATE:  In Version 1.3.0  a passsword vault module has been added.

This addition helps protect the login credentials you have for different website and stores them in an Encrypted format within the browser.

Even when your computer is compromised you can be rest assured your passwords are safe even when the malware has a browser password grabbing function.

Here are a few notables.

1. Your passwords never leave your browser, all encryptions are done there on your browser.

2. Saved passwords on the vault can be inserted on login forms from the plugin on authentication so n one even with access to your computer can leverage your saved passwords.

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